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Toro Z Master 4000 Series Zero Turn Mower - Order Now!


Power, pure and simple, through and through. The new king of bulls is here. Unstoppable grit and durability, offering unbeatable productivity and speed. If you're looking to take your landscape contracting business to a new level, step up to the all-new Toro® Z Master® 4000.

It took 100 years of blood, sweat and innovation for our engineers to make a machine this impressive. In just one pass, you'll understand why it was worth the wait. The new Toro Z Master 4000 zero-turn mower is a force to be reckoned with. It is big, bad and fearless, and yet, offers go-all-day comfort with Toro's patented MyRIDE® suspension system and its grass-kicking TURBO FORCE® deck built with 7-gauge high-strength steel.

TURBO FORCE: The Secret to More Productive Mowing

With Toro's patented TURBO FORCE deck system, the Z Master 4000 is designed for lightning-strike efficiency that re-defines no-quit durability.

The TURBO FORCE system is forged with an offset military-grade 80 KSI 7-gauge high strength steel deck. How good is this deck? It has proven itself through over 100 million hours of real world experience cutting through the harshest conditions and all types of grasses. The TURBO FORCE deck is complemented with an extra strength tubular chassis and durably rugged I-beam front-end.

The TURBO FORCE system features industry-leading dual capture anti-scalp rollers to ensure the highest quality of cut in the harshest terrain you can throw at it. Discharge and disperse clippings with the industry's highest IQ system-rubber discharge chute clears obstacles, while debris dispersion is second to none.

And to top it off, the Toro Z Master 4000, available in deck sizes of 48, 52 and 60 inches, features Toro's legendary bullnose bumper that is meticulously designed to add durability, cut down on 'blowout' and 'bulldozing,' and makes grass stand up and pay attention for perfect one-pass cutting.

The Muscle to Get the Job Done Faster

To give you the power to get your work done faster, Toro powers the Z Master 4000 with Kawasaki commercial engines recognized worldwide for their muscle, reliability and ability to start anytime, everytime. We offer a range of engine sizes to meet your needs, from 24.5 hp* all the way up to 31 hp*, which delivers a top speed of 12 mph, and maximize blade speed of 18,500 fpm - to give you the power to mow more grass faster so you can complete more jobs in a single day than your competitors.

The engine and TURBO FORCE deck system is complemented with extra-rugged 26-inch Voodoo Trac™ drive tires that provide the user a higher vantage point to clearly see what lies ahead. Flat-free semi-pneumatic front tires and 24-inch turf tires are also available to meet the need of any conditions you might encounter.

Go-All-Day Comfort

For go-all-day comfort, every Toro Z Master 4000 is built with a premium suspension seat and lumbar support system designed to ensure proper back posture and support. With multiple seat adjustments (from forward and backward, to armrests that move up and down), the plush seat provides the quality seating experience you demand to push through the roughest terrain with style and comfort.

For an industry-best ride, you can upgrade your Z Master 4000 with Toro's patented MyRIDE suspension system, which provides a whole new level of comfort you need to knock out more jobs before dark. While you're 'floating on air' through bumps and ditches this system allows premier stick control to maintain consistent speed and productivity. MyRIDE also provides an easy-to-adjust system that allows you to custom create the perfect fit for you. Want a more soft ride? You got it. Harder? You got it. A wider seat for your arms? You got it Goldilocks! Regardless of your size, weight or leg length, MyRIDE can be adjusted to fit you.

The MyRIDE system is complemented with the industry's only adjust-on-the-fly rear suspension with beefy shocks featuring nearly 3.6 inches of travel to soak up what Mother Nature puts in your path for an ultra-smooth ride.

But that's not all. For the Z Master 4000, we've added conveniences such as an electronic deck lift assist, multiple cup holders, tire-view pods, USB ports, and a front step-thru deck - meticulous engineering to keep you comfortable while you're crushing it.

Since there's no reason to get off the machine, watch your productivity soar.

Mow Your Way to More Profits

While the Z Master 4000 more than delivers on power, comfort and reliability, the truth is, it's about squeezing out every penny you can to increase your bottom line. At Toro, we understand the cold hard reality of your business. That's why we've equipped the Z Master with some additional features to keep you in the black every month. How you may ask?

For starters, we've equipped the Z Master 4000 series of zero-turn mowers with Horizon 360 business software, which provides insights into your operations designed to maximize profitability.

An hour meter and USB ports help you keep tabs on your time and allow you to incorporate other devices, such as your mobile phone, to maintain communications with your crew and your customers.

And, because we understand that Mother Nature doesn't necessarily like to cooperate with you, we've added powerful LED lighting that allows you to add precious minutes to your day in the morning and in the evening during the spring and fall.

Stand by Our Reliability: Best Warranty in the Industry. Period.

At Toro, we understand that our path to success is through independent landscape contractors who depend upon our machines for their reliability and durability. That's why the Toro Z Master 4000 is backed by the industry's best warranty and customer service program - a 5-year, 1,250-hour warranty** featuring a 2-year no-hour limit. To minimize your downtime for servicing, Toro has built the most extensive network of authorized Toro dealers and service centers - more than 1,500 locations throughout the United States and Canada - many of whom are independent business owners, like you, who understand the value of hard work, speed and productivity.

Secure Your Z Master 4000 Now

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