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       Lawn Mower Service & Repair Mt Vernon IL and Benton IL

Its time to have your lawn equipment serviced, tuned-up, and ready to go for next year.

  Winter is here Already! Its time to get your equipment serviced and tuned-up for the coming 2023 spring mowing. Click here for parts if you are a DIY, and love to service your own lawn equipment yourself.

 Or you can take advantage of our 2023 winter service program here. During this program we offer FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY WITHIN 30 MILES! You can grantee your lawn equipment will be in TOP-NOTCH shape when we return it to your property.

 Our technicians are the best at picking up on small problems that will create a breakdown next year during the mowing season, and Giving You The Option TO FIX that while your machine is in the shop.

 Our program is the also the best way to maximize your warranty if you run a newer Toro, Walker, Stihl or Echo lawn equipment, because our shop is very PRO-WARRANTY. We know that these brands stand behind the products and while it is in the shop we look for anything that is a problem or may create a problem in 2023 mowing season, and repair that Under Warranty.

         Lawn Mower Service & Repair Mt Vernon IL and Benton IL



                DEC 1 2022- FEB 29 2023

                       20 Point Service Checklist

- Pressure Wash -Change Engine Oil & Filter - Replace or clean Air Filter

- Replace Fuel Filter -Grease Machine Check Transmission Oil

- Sharpen or Replace Blades -Check & Adjust all Belts

- Remove Tines & Clean Shafts (tillers) -Check & Adjust Carb

-Test All Function -Tighten Wheel Lugs -Replace Fuel Filter

- Add Fuel Stabilizer -Level Deck -Check Hydro Fluid & Filter

- Check & Adjust Electric Clutch -Test Battery

- Test Charging System -Coat Electrical Connections -Test Safety Circuit


               Outdoor Power Sales & Service LLC  Mt Vernon IL & Benton IL

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