5 Steps To Help You In Finding The Best Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

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5 Considerations To Help You Buy The Best Zero Turn Mower

If you've been shopping for a new zero-turn mower, you are probably very aware of the over 50 Different Brands of Zero-turn Lawn Mowers. 

After wading through hours of review reading, Youtube video watching and visiting countless websites, You might feel like you are more confused by the massive load of information you just received. Welcome to researching consumer products in 2020!!  



1. Deck Construction

 First things first, This is to mow grass! Right? So you want to make sure your new lawn mower deck will be able to handle varying grass height, mowing conditions, uneven terrain, baseball bats that shouldn't be there and etc. 

 This comes down to deck construction, frame design—characteristics like the gauge of steel used and whether the deck is stamped (pressed into a shape) or fabricated (welded into shape).

  A simple way to differentiate a commercial mower and a residential model is by looking at the deck construction. Commercial decks will be welded pieces of heavy-gauge steel, whereas residential mowers are going to use lighter-gauge steel that’s been stamped in a press.

 A Fabricated Deck is constructed of heavier steel, will discharge wet grass better because of the more open discharge design, and will last longer than a Stamped Deck.

 On the other hand a Stamped Deck has advantages too. The main advantage of the more molded stamped deck is it superiority in mulching leaves and grass, and the ability to easily remove and install the discharge chute blocking cover for mulching.


2. Engine Design

The number off cylinders your engine has is likely to be reflected in the price tag. Single-cylinder engines are more common in lower priced models, while better residential & commercial mowers often have twin-cylinder OHV engines. The better the engine, the smoother & longer it will run. So if vibration is something you want to avoid, make sure the engine is at least a two-cylinder. 

3. Operator Comfort 

 Wider rear tires distribute the mower’s weight over a larger area, which reduces stress on the grass and improves traction. Durable, four-ply-rated tires are ideal in a zero-turn mower since it’s already going to have exceptional maneuverability and speed. As for comfort, make sure you will be comfortable sitting & operating the machine for a longer period of time without it causing you pain. Uncomfortable seats can cause back problems, or having to reach for out-of-the-way controls may prohibit the ease with which you mow. Ask about a spring suspension seat upgrade if the mower you are looking at doesn't come standard with one. A new suspension system from a well known mower brand offers 3 coil over suspension shocks under the operator's platform, giving the current best ride in the zero-turn mower industry. 

4. Machine Warranty


  Machine Warranty on our list of important considerations because it indicates just how good the Manufacturer of the zero turn lawnmower feels about their product. The longer the warranty the more confidence they have in the machine.

 For instance a Manufacturer might give a 3 Year Consumer Use Only Warranty on a particular residential grade lawn mower with a selling price of $4,000. They might also give a 1 Year Commercial Use Warranty on the same machine. 

 That same Manufacturer might also build a $10,000 zero turn model mower that has a 5 Year Consumer or Commercial Use Warranty. Obviously the Manufacturer has more confidence in $10,000 machine and hence give it a better warranty.

 A Good Warranty Period is at least 3 Years on Consumer Use Mowers, and 4-6 Years or 1000-1700 hours on Commercial Use Mowers.

 5. A Good Dealer

  A good lawn equipment dealer that you know you can trust, carries a good stock of parts on hand, and has good service technicians, will be a must sometime in the future for you, no matter what zero turn lawn mower you purchase.

So you are shopping lawn mowers, We guys over at Outdoor Power Sales & Service LLC in either Benton IL or Mt Vernon IL would love to help you find the perfect zero turn mower for your needs. Come on by or give us a call today at  (618)-629-1837 or (618)-731-4646 for more information and questions.

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  • Such a nice blog on 5 steps to finding the best zero turn lawn mower and I hope you keep update us with such great tips and information in future too. This is a great post; I will share as much as I can.

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  • Tyler, You can call me direct 618-472-9211. I am the sales manager at the Mount Vernon IL store. I would be more than happy to get your a personalized quote with your trade-in.

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  • I have a Scag 52" Freedom Z right now. How much could I get on trade-in? I am just north of Mt Vernon and have around 3 acres. I’m leaning toward the Timecutter HD 54" https://www.outdoorpowerllc.net/collections/residential-mowers/products/copy-of-copy-of-toro-timecutter-hd-48-in-myride-suspension

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