Oem Toro Starter 136-7832 Fits Toro & Exmark Single Cylinder Engines

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Oem Toro Motor-Starter 136 7832

Genuine Toro Starter Motor 136-7832 

Complete starter for single cylinder engines manufactured by Toro. 

Replacing worn, damaged or broken starter with new motor simplifies repair and guarantees proper fit.

Toro manufactures this part for the models listed below including Single Cylinder engines of specific Toro TimeCutter Riding Mowers and Exmark Quest Drive Levers.

Please Note: Inspect condition of wire harness and other electrical components. Damage within the electrical system may cause failure of new starter.  

Ships FREE in 2 business days.


Fits The Following Toro models

23522 (Brush Cutter)

33522 (Brush Cutter)

71254 (XLS 380 Lawn Tractor)

74388 (TimeCutter ZS 3200S Riding Mower)

74616 (TimeCutter SS 4216 Riding Mower)

74621 (TimeCutter SS 3200 Riding Mower)

74629 (TimeCutter SS 3216 Riding Mower)

74650 (TimeCutter ZS 3200S Riding Mower)

74655 (TimeCutter ZS 4200S Riding Mower)

74665 (TimeCutter ZS 4200S Riding Mower)

74670 (TimeCutter SW 3200 Riding Mower)

74682 (TimeCutter ZS 3200S Riding Mower)

74684 (TimeCutter ZS 4200S Riding Mower)

74685 (TimeCutter ZS 4200S Riding Mower)

74705 (TimeCutter SS 4200 Riding Mower)

74710 (TimeCutter SS 3225 Riding Mower)

74710TA (TimeCutter SS 3225 Riding Mower)

74711 (TimeCutter SS 4200 Riding Mower)

74720 (TimeCutter SS 4200 Riding Mower)

74725 (TimeCutter SS 4200 Riding Mower)

74750 (TimeCutter MX 3450 Riding Mower)

74765 (TimeCutter MX 4200 Riding Mower)

74780 (TimeCutter SW 3200 Riding Mower)

74781 (TimeCutter SW 3200 Riding Mower)

75740 (TimeCutter 4200 Riding Mower)

Fits Exmark Models

QTE452CEM42100 Quest Drive Levers

QTE452CEM42200 Quest Drive Levers

QTS452CEM34200 Quest Drive Levers

QZE452CEM42100 Quest Drive Levers