Toro 60v Power Inverter 330W Toro Inverter 51860T

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Compact Portable Power Inverter 330W TORO 60V 51860T

Turns any Toro 60V Battery into a Toro 60v Inverter Power Bank with 120v and USB outlets.

This compact power invertor (51860T) turns any Toro 60V battery into a portable power bank with USB and 120v outlets. 

  • Up to 7.5 amp hours for max runtime
  • Compatible with every Flex-Force battery
  • 330W continuous running wattage (400W peak startup wattage)
  • 120V outlet plus USB-A and quick-charge USB-C port configurations
  • 7.5 amp battery powers smartphones for 29 charges; laptops for over 5 charges, lights for over 45 hours, and TVs for over 10 hours.

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