Used- New Take Off Tracks For SVL 75 Kubota Track Loader

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Used almost new condition set of OEM tracks for SLV75 Kubota Track Loader 

These tracks were removed from a new machine and replaced with customer preference of track style 


  • Premium Rubber Track In C-Lug Tread Pattern
  • Available In Wide & Standard Width
  • Fits Kubota SVL75-2 Track Loader / CTL / Skid Steer
  • Sold As Individual Tracks

Track Dimensions

  Width Pitch Links
Standard (320x86x52) 320mm 86mm 52



C-Lug Tread

Similar to a block tread, the c-lug tread pattern has notches cut that form a "C" shape in the track.  This tread offers flexibility, performing well across a wide variety of terrains.  And, it is well-designed for both on and off-road use.  The high number of edges allow for increased traction while also being an extremely durable tread pattern.  The "C Pattern" offers great performance and handling as well as a smooth ride on surfaces such as concrete, clay, mud, asphalt, gravel, or sand.