Walk Behind Billy Goat Leaf Vac Rental


Walk Behind Billy Goat Leaf Vac Rental

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Billy Goat Walk Behind Lawn Vacuum 

4 Hr Rate -$70  1 Day Rate -$100  1 Week Rate -$300
Ideal for larger properties, leaf clean-up, parking lots, streets or school yards
Gobbles up cans, bottles, grass clippings, litter and other debris
Powerful 187cc Honda GSV190 4-Cycle Engine
Cast iron cylinder liner and dual element air cleaner for increased life
Self-Propelled Rear Wheel Drive System
3-speed transmission to ease your workload even on hilly terrains
29-Inch Adjustable Intake (Gobbler) Door
Opens large enough to inhale leaves up to five inches deep
Closes down to create hi-lift vacuum for dense, heavy debris
Adjustable between hard surface, turf or hose applications from operator position
6-Blade Steel Impeller (2500 CFM)
Provides maximum suction and debris reduction
Rugged Composite Housing and Hood
Reduces overall weight and resists rust and dents
40-Gallon Zipperless Top Loading Bag
Slides in & out on rails for easy unloading
Holds up to 50 pounds of debris before emptying
14” Custom Wheels
Smooths out the rough areas and makes the vacuum maneuverable


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