Echo Cordless 4 AMP HOUR Battery CBP-58V4AH - Echo Battery

Echo Cordless 4 AMP HOUR Battery CBP-58V4AH

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Echo Cordless 4 AMP HOUR Battery CBP-58V4AH

Product Description

The ECHO 58V 4AH Lithium-Ion battery (CBP-58V4AH) is the most advanced, professional-grade, high voltage cordless battery in the market. Featuring triple protection electronics, this battery is equipped to prevent overcharging, overheating and overloading to deliver the performance and durability expected of ECHO products.

With a 60 minute recharge time that is 5x faster than the competition's equivalent, users can complete big jobs without worrying about having to wait hours to recharge one battery to get the job done. A simple press of the button indicates battery power levels so users can gauge level of work and time left before recharge is needed.

  • Compatible with all ECHO 58V Cordless products
  • Lighter weight versus other higher voltage platforms – 4.05 lbs.
  • Withstands cold weather for superior performance